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In case you missed the handout in class (or want another reference), below is an overview of what is important for beginners to learn. Also, here are some web sites to peruse, and a few pop music suggestions. Finally, here are finger cymbal (zil) pattern guides for you to print:
Beginner/Right-handed · Intermediate/Right-handed
Beginner/Left-handed · Intermediate/Left-handed

Good example videos on the internet

• Head rolls and slides;
• Shoulder rolls, accents, and shimmies;
• Ribcage slides and circles;
• Sternum lifts and drops;
• Hip slides, lifts, and twists.
In place:
• Snake arms;
• Undulations;
• Horizontal figure 8;
• Reverse horizontal fig. 8;
• Hip-drop-release;
• Hip-drop-toss-circle.
• Basic Egyptian Series;
• Tunisians (twisting step) accent forward OR back;
• 3-count with hip lifts;
• 3-count with hip twists;
• 5-count with hip lifts;
• 5-count with hip twists;
• Grapevine;
• "Down-up-up-up;"
• Traveling steps with finger cymbals.

And here are a few suggestions of some pop music that's good for practice (of course, rule #1 is to dance to what you like!):

  • Amr Diab's Habibi Ya Nour El Eyn
  • Anything by Ragheb Alameh
  • Anything by Tarkan (Turkish pop)
  • Warda's Haram T-Hebak

Web sites to peruse:

Notes from Sarah
My general Blog, with occasional belly dance videos

The site of the unparalleled Cassandra, my teacher in Minneapolis

Habiba's Scholarly Articles
A wonderful Philadelphia dancer's articles on Arabic Dance.

Inner Wilderness
A 42-year-old beginning belly dance student blogs her journey—very enjoyable reading.

Casbah Dance
Lots of good articles on Middle Eastern dance and culture.

Belly dancing in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Kay Hardy Campbell
Writer specializing in the Middle East.


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