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Update: University of Minnesota survey of dance students ranks Sarah above the 99th percentile as an Arabic Dance teacher.

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  "Sarah is an excellent and much-requested belly dance instructor. She has an extensive vocabulary of movement, exercises and vocalizations. She is proactive about presenting dance material in ways students find effective and fun. She works in many ways to increase the impact of her instruction, including research trips overseas.

  "She is a dedicated artist, fine entertainer and excellent dance instructor, and a respected member of my dance company, Jawaahir, for more than a decade.

  "She is admired and respected in by other instructors and dancers. She works well with and respects others, and always arrives promptly for performances, classes and rehearsals. She would fit nicely into any teaching staff environment."

- Cassandra Shore
Founder, Jawaahir and the Cassandra school
cassandr @ jawaahir.org

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  "Sarah's commitment and dedication is that of a serious teacher. As an educator, she reveals a depth found in very few dancers of this genre. She has achieved an innate understanding of the principles of Middle Eastern dance.

  "I am delighted to recommend her! She works well in an organization, using her professional bellydance company experience as an asset. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Sarah."

- Habiba
Founder, The Habiba Studio
(215) 925-5436
611 S. Leithgow St., Philadelphia, PA 19147

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  "Sarah had a very loyal following for her belly dance classes in several cities. Her warm personality makes everyone feel at ease and her students definitely have fun!

  "Her teaching style is both professional and easy-going. Many of her students continued through several levels.

  "I highly recommend hiring and working with Sarah! She was thorough when planning upcoming classes or administering current ones, and easy to work with."

- Allyson Rudy
Adult Programs Planner, Minnesota, District 112 · allyson_rudy @ yahoo.com

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 "Highly competent, inspirational, wise, and compassionate, Sarah encourages and challenges students across all levels. She is a master teacher.

  "She creates a safe and fun learning environment with humor and humility, and draws usefully on her experience presenting seminars nation-wide, developing fit-dance in fitness centers, instructing professional dancers and maintaining a demanding rehearsal and performance schedule.

  "Her lifelong classical and ethnic and dance training and her knowledge of alignment and fitness principles gives her teaching the grounding, inter-cultural zest and style dancers are seeking these days, from beginner to advanced, fitness-dancer to professional.

  "I value her work very highly for students of every level. Please contact me should you need more specific detail on her work."

- Karma Carpenter
LICSW, RYT · Professional yoga teacher, dance therapist · 971.241.7011

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